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Vinyl Records to CD
Is it time to update your music library from LP's to CD's!  We can do this for you. !
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Questions About Vinyl Records to CD

What is your average turnaround time?
I can now transfer 150 or so songs to CD's in about a week.  It really depends on how many Records you wish to have converted.

Can I make copies of the CD you just sent me with my own equipment?
Most definitely, even though these CD's are digital audio, high fidelity compact discs, they still behave the same way as all other CD's. 

Can I play the CD's in my car/ computer/ stereo system?

Yes.  In fact, you can even upload your music from the CD on your computer and place all of it on an I-pod or any other mp3 player. 

How much is shipping? How long does it take?

If you live close enough to me to drive ( Winston Salem,NC ) then I recommend that, but if you mail them to me then simply go to any UPS packaging store and they will take care of the rest for you.  I will E-mail you once you send me your package and inform you as soon as I have received the shipment.  You must also include a check with the same amount you spent to send your music media to me for return shipping. 

I simply can not let these Records out of my sight. I really would rather not send them in the mail?
That is completely understandable.  If you are worried that something may be lost, then send one item that is not very valuable to you.  Once you see that nothing was lost or broken you can send the rest of your music media.  Another way to alleviate your concerns may be to pay for shipping insurance.

Is this legal?

It is legal.  I am not keeping your music to listen to and sell to other people.  I simply keep backup files in case of a problem with shipping or playing.  You are simply sending me your own music which you have already purchased and I am transferring this music to compact disc.  You are paying me to convert your music, and since I am taxed for my services everything is legit. 



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