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Vinyl Records to CD
Is it time to update your music library from LP's to CD's!  We can do this for you. !
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Convert Your Vinyl Records to CD

Is it time to update your music library from LP's to CD's? 

We can do this for you! You simply ship or deliver your music media you wish to be transferred to CD and I will take care of the rest!

All Record types can be transferred to CD, 33's, LP's, 45's, and 78's.  I can also make compilation CD's with your favorite songs from several Records!

One of the best parts of this is I take the conversion another step, some will only convert the recording I break each song down in tracks, and if thats not enough I do one more step with the conversion by taking out all of those pops and scratches that Records produce when being played on a turntable.  However, if you like those nostalgic noises, I can leave them on there as well.  We will also make a CD label with each song title listed from the album.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those old songs converted to day to CD's so you can list to the past. CD's last for years where as Vinyl Records are already starting to deteriorate after years of storage or so.  Make sure your music library will stand the test of time.


Vinyl Records
33's, LP's and 78's

1-5 = $12.00 each
6-10 = $10.00 each
11-20 = $8.00 each
21-50 = $7.50 each
51-199 = $6.00 each


$1.50 per side with a minimum of 6 sides per CD.  Considering the length of most 45's, I can fit 20 sides on a CD.

Most people find their 78's are too difficult to work with, but I have the skill and technology to convert them if you are so inclined.

Compilation CD's

I can make a mixed CD with up to 20 of your favorites singles if you wish. Just write what song(s) you want from each record and I will convert it to CD. Wouldn't it be great just to have ALL YOUR NUMBER ONE (#1) songs on just one CD!

  You must pay for the Records to be converted to CD before I can make compilation CD's of the music media.

$1.50 per song no matter what music media it comes from.  CD's hold around 18 songs at 4 minutes a piece.

I live in Winston Salem, NC.  If you live close enough to me Call or email me and we can make arrangements for you to drop off your music media.  That way, you do not have to pay $10 or so in shipping costs.

But, it is really not that bad having to ship your music media to me either After my many years doing business with the USPS or UPS I have never had anything lost in the mail, and I doubt there ever will be.  You can always add insurance to your shipment from your local shipping store to alleviate any other concerns.

Please add return postage for items you want returned. We will take personal checks, money orders and cash.


Make all checks and Money Orders out to:
SunSet Graphics
455 Candlewood Drive
Winston Salem,NC 27127

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